Industrial Zone
Botsios S.A.

Botsios S.A.

The largest company of tiles, sanitary ware and kitchen furniture in Western Greece! They trusted us for a new renovated E-shop and a way out of old techniques. Now the new online store of Botsios S.A. can show live product discounts, with applicable Instagram feed, animations, pdf view like a magazine and much more. Also a applicable and full functional Newsletter where a remarketing automation is working properly. Categories and filters for easy digital browsing where it allows you accordingly after your many preferences to choose the product that suits you.

Graphic Design

High quality images and videos that make the user experience unique.

The increasing demands of our time for higher graphics are a fact. So we try every day to offer you an environment that is first of all functional but also with a modern design.


Take a seat and sell

E-commerce is a modern method of promoting products and services with rapid development in the field of internet. Online stores, such as Amazon and eBay, are now established, but thousands of individual, family and large businesses have incorporated e-commerce into the wider context of their business. The speed and ease with which the buying and selling process can take place, rank e-Commerce high in the preferences and activities of internet users.