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Driving School Platform

Driving School Platform

Don't think big. Think GIANT!

The best driving school management platform is here to organize directly and quickly everything you need from your computer and mobile.

best driving school management

Control and facilitate
your business

With the application you can easily find your students and their progress, your finances as well as the km that your cars did.

You are immediately informed about the hours the trainers have completed. Without any movement and hassle, you can download any official documents needed to start classes for new students.

Features of the platform

Student Registration

Register students only once! Then finding the entry is very easy by typing the student's name or password. There is a record of the entries and a complete view of the history. You can also see various information about each student.

Economical Overview

You have complete insight and control over your school's finances, such as vehicle maintenance costs, student costs for essential fees, your business income and staff allowances, and more.

Autocomplete Documents

After the first registration of students and protocols of your school, it is possible to automatically fill in all the fields of the platform with the necessary data requested, so that the student's courses can be implemented.

Autodownload Required Documents

Ability to automatically download all necessary documents for students and also for the school. So, immediately and without any movement, the teacher can have the necessary documents needed to start the student's lessons.

Automatic Message about the Class Time

It is possible to automatically update students as well as teachers with an automatic message system about class times and more, so that none of your students and staff are ever late.

Update anytime on the Condition of the Vehicles

Instant status updates of all your vehicles. See and check immediately by filling in the vehicle's license plate, its damages, when it needs maintenance, change of tires, recording of kilometers and more.

Pick the plan that's right for you

180€/6 months
1 User

250€/6 months
2 Users

330€/6 months
Unlimited Users

All our packages include Free Hosting!

Special offer for all our subscribers. After some time of using the platform, you can get the platform forever for the price of 2,220€.

Premium offer for all our premium subscribers. You can get the platform forever for the price of 1,800€ instead of 2,220€.

The offer also includes 10 hours of free training on your staff according to the features and abilities of the platform.

Customers which think GIANT!

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